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Customerservice & Support

1. You use our ticket system to open a new ticket with your request [click here].
2. The ticket number is also your RMA number !
3. You download the complaint form and fill it out.

4. You then send the goods back to us and enclose the completed form and a copy of the invoice.
For returns of justified complaints or incorrect deliveries, please contact our support via the ticket system, who will inform you immediately how you can return the goods to us.
Only returns with completed forms and with registered
Ticket numbers can be processed by us promptly! Please do not send any goods freight collect - we do not accept goods that are not freight paid.
Important NOTE:
Please fill out the application completely and enclose a copy of all proof (invoice / voucher etc.) of the purchase of the item. Please note that missing or incorrect information and the resulting queries can result in unnecessary costs and time delays. A separate application must be filled in for each claimed item! Goods that reach us without a completed complaint / warranty claim, we unfortunately have to send back at the customer's expense.