O.S. SPEED T1203 1BS00
Artikelnummer: OS-1BS00

O.S. SPEED T1203 1BS00

Artikelnummer: OS-1BS00
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The 2018/2019 World Champion engine.

Performance certified by Naoto Matsukura, 2019 IFMAR 1/10 touring car world champion.
New inner crankcase.
New Cooling-head increased cooling.
New Carburator.
New rear-cover.
New piston/liner.
New piston clip exhaust side c-shape.

Type : Touring
Contents : .12(2.11cc)
Bore : 13.67mm
Stroke : 14.30mm
Crankshaft : DLC/TUNG/SIL 12mm SG/SPT
Main Bearing : 12mm Ceramic
Front Bearingt : 7mm HighSpeed
Cylinder type : ABC
Ports : 3
Exhaust : 1
Carburator : 12F5(B) with 5.5mm venturi
Cooling-Head : 48mm/7 ribs
Underhead : for glowplugs Conical/Turbo
RMP : Max Power @ 33K RPM (5-45K RPM range)
Weight : 215Gr