O.S. SPEED R2104 1C600
Artikelnummer: OS-1C600

O.S. SPEED R2104 1C600

Artikelnummer: OS-1C600
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New OS Speed R2104 replacing the O.S. SPEED R2103


The new engine has a redesigned 9-port liner to improve torque in low-middle power range.

 A redesigned crankshaft counter weight enables smooth power transition from low to top.

Distance between the cooling fins is enhanced for better air flow and better balance. It also features an anodized in two colors; black and red.

 An silicon O-ring fit to the inner head prevents dust from coming into the engine.



Content: 3.49 cc
Bore: 16.08mm 
Stroke: 17.20mm 
HP: 2.8 ps / 2.76 hp at 33000 r.p.m.
Practical range: 4000-45000 r.p.m.
Weight: 340g