2-Speed Cashback

Get something back with the 2-Speed ​​Cashback promotion!

What do you need to do?

  1. Buy a cashback item from one of our dealers(shop or online) or in our webstore. [2-Speed ​​Cashback]
  2. Send us proof of purchase stating that you have purchased the Cashback item to the following email address: cashback@2-speed.de.
  3. The receipt should clearly indicate where the item was purchased. The document must be created automatically and have a serial number.

What will you get from us?

After checking the purchase and after expiry of the withdrawal period, you will receive from us a shopping voucher, which you can redeem with us in the online shop.
If you have purchased the item from one of our dealers, you will receive a coupon from your dealer, which you can then redeem at the dealer concerned.

Further information and conditions! *

• The Cashback promotion is only valid for items purchased through us. This also applies to the items purchased from one of our dealers.
• The cashback action may be limited to a specific quantity or period. Information on this can be found in the respective article.
• A disbursement of the voucher is not possible. Partial amounts are not paid.
• Cashback vouchers can take up to 6 weeks to complete.
• The cashback voucher can refer to a specific merchandise category or article category.

If you have questions about our cashback promotions, please write to: cashback@2-speed.de

* There are different regulations for dealers. Please speak with your sales representative.